In Real Life – She Do

IN REAL LIFE – SHE DO (Acoustic Remix)

Film Director: Thomas Crane
Film Producer: Louis Coppola
Composer Lyricist: Conor Smith, Ben Free, Brandon Arreaga, John Ryan, Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Sherwyn Nicholls, Jake Sinclair, Kendrick Nicholls, Mike Sabath, Ian Franzino
Video Producer: Louis Coppola
Video Director: Thomas Crane
Music Publisher: The Family Pulse/These Are Pulse Songs, Copyright Control, Big Deal Beats/Sinclair Empire/Words & Music, Big Deal Notes/CruzControlMusic/Ben Freedlander Music/Words & Music, Sony/ATV Sonata, Music of Big Family/Don Wyan Music/Words & Music, Big Deal Beats/Bing Finizim Beats/Jewdi Mindtricks Music/Words & Music, Michael Conor Publishing Designee, Jams of Big Family/Kendo Creations/Words & Music, Jams of Big Family/Shweezed Creations/Words & Music

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